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Reducing Plastics: A Lucrative and

Beneficial Business Venture

A White Paper
For a business, reducing their use of plastics in packaging and waste can help decrease production costs, minimize liability risk, and generate positive company reputation. This white paper includes an analysis of business methods and offers changes that ultimately benefit in an increased stream of revenue. It puts the plastic phenomenon in the context of the business world and explains how anti-plastic alterations can prove lucrative.

  • Context & Problem: In the past twenty years, our world has become increasingly dependent on plastics. Nearly half the plastic that exists in on the earth has been created in this time frame. Although they are advantageous for many reasons, plastics are more harmful than beneficial to all kinds of life.

  • Audience: Businesses who are resistant to changing their manufacturing methods to use less plastic

  • Success: This white paper effectively communicates the negative aspects of using plastic. It offers businesses an outline of strategies they can use to minimize their plastic consumption and waste.

In order to protect this unpublished work, only the first three pages of the white paper have been included. Please contact me for more information.

Statistical Significance Between Unicellular Yeast

and Multicellular Yeast as Prey for Paramecium

A Laboratory Report
This laboratory report explores how unicellular yeast and multicellular yeast have evolved over time. It hypothesizes that paramecium would have preference for unicellular yeast because of their small size. However, the statistical significance identified between unicellular yeast and multicellular yeast promote further investigation to their evolutionary survival traits.

  • Context & Problem: In evolution, populations have evolved from being unicellular to being multicellular. This experiment and its report evoke further exploration into why this phenomenon has occurred and how it benefits certain species. 

  • Audience: Biologists and biology students seeking to understand the evolutionary trait of multicellularity 

  • Success: As stated in the report, statistical significance between multicellular yeast and unicellular yeast exist. This finding proves that there is a relevant relationship between the two as prey. This report demonstrates the need to understand why this significance exists.

In order to protect this unpublished work, only the first three pages of the lab report have been included. Please contact me for more information.

The Dream Machine: "Jazz is My Religion"

An Essay About Race
In the Spring of 2018, The Dream Machine exhibition was showcased at Emory University. This essay is about a poem entitled "Jazz is My Religby Ted Joans featured in the exhibition. It emphasizes the nature of the followers of this movement against the norm, known as beatniks, to be heavily influenced and interested in African American culture. 

  • Context & Problem: Within the Beat Generation movement, African American culture was highly revered. However, in an effort to show love for a culture so different from their own, white beatniks appropriated black culture.

  • Audience: Individuals interested in the Beat Generation and/or viewed the exhibition The Dream Machine at Emory University

  • Success: This essay effectively explains the element of race involved in the formation of hipster culture within the Beat Generation. It brings awareness to the name of Ted Joans, an influential Beat poet, who often goes unrecognized within the movement. 

In order to protect this unpublished work, only the first three pages of the essay have been included. Please contact me for more information.

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