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A PechaKucha presentation includes 20 slides, each depicted for 20 seconds using an automatic timer. This style of presentation is heavily image-based, meaning there are a very minimal amount of words included on the slides. This specific presentation focused on plastics. It discusses the plastic phenomenon, how plastics are made, their chemical composition, and how they are harmful to humans and the environmental on macro and micro scales. 

  • Context & Problem: In the past twenty years, our world has become increasingly dependent on plastics. Nearly half the plastic that exists in on the earth has been created in this time frame. Although they are advantageous for many reasons, plastics are more harmful than beneficial to all kinds of life.

  • Audience: People of all  demographics who are interested in learning more about plastic 

  • Success: As mentioned in peer feedback and review, this presentation was effective in explaining the science of plastic on a comprehensible level. It not only outlined the problem but provided attainable solutions. 

A PechaKucha Presentation

An excerpt of the presentation has been included here for viewing. 

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